Shirtless Brendon @ Imperial Club, Berlin 13/11/13
please do not remove the credit - all videos and pictures were taken by me!

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Brendon Urie: I just love making music, and I wouldn't want to stop. And neither would Spencer. As tough as it may seem, he's a strong dude and has our support.

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how to piss someone off:

leave the door open


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This Is Gospel beyond the video. (˚ ˚ ˚)

I’d turn around when I didn’t have to sing and get choked up. I couldn’t even believe I was playing that song without my buddy. I was choking back tears in between songs. It was the toughest thing for him to leave tour, but I knew he needed time to figure that stuff out, the stuff I couldn’t understand. It really broke my heart.

@TheSpencerSmith: Golf is a lot like sex, it involves balls, shafts, holes, and old men in argyle socks.

"Everything is moving forward positively and I’m glad that it is, because a lot of times it doesn’t for a lot of bands." ― Brendon Urie

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